Farming in Maine

I have the utmost respect for farmers. Any farmer! But these folks in Maine are just awesome. The fields are full of rocks, the trees pop up anywhere they want if you ignore a square foot of ground for just a few months. We definitely grow both well here in Maine.

We moved from Peaks Island, ME off the coast of Portland to a farm in the little town of Livermore Falls this summer. We had a small garden, small only because the wild turkeys thought they still ruled the yard. Kaylin, daughter extraordinaire, had two lambs and we bought two piglets in early fall.

So why the blog? Well, for many reasons. First off, we left most of our friends and family back in Ohio and Indiana. Second, we left our newest group of friends on the rock (otherwise known as Peaks Island) and southern Maine. Thirdly (must be a word, spell check says so) we want to keep everyone, including our new friends and acquaintances, up on what’s going on because it’s hard to be real social when you have a farm to maintain.

I hope you’ll come back often to see the escapades of Robin, Patty, and Kaylin on the homestead.

One thought on “Farming in Maine

  1. Wishing you every success, tolerable winters, and fruitful harvests throughout the years ahead.Welcome to Livermore Falls…


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