Molting Chickens

It was inevitable. I knew it, I expected it, I just was not prepared for it It is the yearly chicken molting. You see, once a year, I’m told about a year after they start laying, a chicken loses quite a bit of its feathers to make room for new ones. There are feathers all over the chicken house and near naked ladies trying to hide when I come near. It may be embarrassing to them, but hey! I had to go to the grocery store and buy eggs for the first time in a year! Chickens do not lay eggs while molting.

First, poor Big Red started molting at the Cumberland Co. Fair, then Small Red started. They are much better and laying again. Now, Kaylin’s pets, Hennie Pennie and Black are in poor shape. Black was hiding in the nesting box when I walked in. But we are lucky! Our 6 pullets are now starting to lay! Kaylin actually sold her first dozen eggs since we left Peaks Island in June.

Ah, messy as it can be, the circle of life continues to roll along.

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