Grapes…and Kiwis?

“Yeah, those are grapes and kiwis,” the land owner told us when we were looking over the place. Kiwis? Maybe gooseberries? Currants? It then came down to what I do best. Research!! I found an article explaining these delicious little buggers. When they matured, we sliced one open, I was amazed! They look exactly like a fuzzy kiwi inside! Honestly, I think they taste better.

So we have fruit! Concord grapes for jelly this year and perhaps wine next year; kiwis for … yeah. Chutney this year. Next year, we’ll sell you some?!

In the meantime, we have to bring back in control the arbor. Neglected for a long time, the vines of both fruit are tangled together and massive not letting either one have much nutrition or sun. We started after the leaves died and will continue working on it throughout the winter when the snow is not too high. It took 5 hours to cut through about 12′ and we have over 100′ to go. Oh, but next year, we’ll see a huge difference and so will you!

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