Wool play

We had two sheep during the summer and fall. Towanda and Yarrow were lambs that we had planned on keeping and breeding but, alas, plans change. Both contracted a disease that is very contagious and sometimes fatal to sheep and goats, but not to people. So, late fall, our friends at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm came over, sheared the two ladies for us and took them off to the butcher.

We got two wonderful products from our sheep. First, the meat. We enjoyed a pound of ground lamb and the rest was shipped to folks who purchased the meat on Peaks Island. Thanks so much! The other was a load of beautiful fleece.

What to do with the fleece! We worked at a deal with Marty and Mary Ann at Wrinkle in Thyme to trade work for time on the carder. Mary washed the wool for us and she and Kaylin dyed a few batches for a 4H project. Kaylin then carded the wool and we used it to make felted soap for presents.

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