Healthy eating

One thing we are trying very hard to do for ourselves is eat better. We have not eaten fast food in over 2 years. Yes, that’s right, no McDonalds, no Burger King. We avoid eating out if at all possible but when we want a treat, we stick to locally owned restaurants. We don’t eat anything with food dies, avoid anything with corn syrup or corn additives, and buy meat from a butcher shop, not grocery. We would love to be able to eat totally local and organic but that will have to wait until we have jobs. What we have found is that we save money, save our health, and get to experiment with great recipes.

Michael Pollan is my hero, among the likes of Bill McKibben and others. I love his book “Food Rules” and found my favorite rule in #48: Eat all the junk food you want as long as you make it yourself. That being said, you’ll eat a lot less junk food because it takes more time to make it. We experimented the other night with pretzels. Kaylin made one to look like a pretzel but the process was not easy. We ended up creating pretzel bites. Patty put garlic powder on hers with the salt. Next time, we’re going to try fresh garlic in the dough.

Much easier to make pretzel balls
Preztel and pretzel bites

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