And these are not the lovely red wigglers who do so well in a garden. Alfie, the lead man of our sheep herd, has been a bit pale and…well…poopy. We took him off pasture for a night thinking that maybe the fresh grass was too much. It cleared up some, but a sample was on the way to the vet!

Got the call from the vet last night, 200+ Strongyle worms. Now for the treatment. Garlic, yes garlic. With some molasses  to sweeten it up. Got a recipe from SkyLine Farm. They’ve been dosing with garlic since 1992 and have little or no worms in their sheep flock. Of course, being mentored by Marty and Mary Ann at a A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm, I checked with them first and they agreed.

Just got a half pound of garlic powder from the buying club last week so the timing couldn’t be better. 1 TBS Garlic powder, 1 TBS molasses, 1 TBS or so of water to liquify it per sheep. Yeah, the boys. This was not as easy as I thought. They took it. They’ll tell you under duress, but they took it. I hate to tell them that this will be a 5 time a year habit but it is so much better than chemicals! Sunday we’ll move them again after they pass the worms and they won’t see that part of the pasture till fall so the larvae all die. We’ll send another sample next week to the vet to see if its working. Oh, life on a farm!

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