Testosterone and the Farm

Two women and their daughter live on this farm…sounds like the opening of a joke. The joke was on us today!

First off, our six turkey chicks are growing in leaps and bounds. At least 4 if not 5 now exhibit male behavior of fluffing their feathers and strutting around the stall. The males get to be around 30 pounds. Gonna be a great Thanksgiving dinner!

The remaining cockerels of our second broiler brood have been moved outside to the chicken tractor. One of these lucky boys will be kept alive to be our rooster. I think that will be the first one I see NOT running from the hens when they get near the tractor.

I finally finished the rabbit cages and their support table. We moved Alice and Dinah to individual cages, the Mad Hatter had his own cage already. We then introduced Alice to Mad Hatter in his cage. The whole point here is to begin our breeding program which equals money in exchange for meat. Well, that breeding program is going to be put off a bit longer. After breaking up a fight between Alice and Mad Hatter, we discovered that Alice is an Alex and Dinah is a Doug and Mad Hatter is one disappointed fellow. Yes, 3 bucks + no does = disappointed breeders. Learning curve! Do not trust the guy selling you the does.

To top it all off, 6 more ram lambs arrive next week as feeder lambs. There is way too much testosterone on this farm!

3 thoughts on “Testosterone and the Farm

  1. This is hysterical! It is a shame when you can’t trust your breeders to identify the males from the females.
    I got a good laugh out of this one, girls


  2. Hi Girls!
    Just checking the blog site, reread the last blog about too much testosterone on the farm and laughed just as hard as the first time. Have you thought about doing a “stand-up comedy routine?”


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