Today at Pleasant View Farm…

Wow! Busy morning!! We noticed over the weekend that the ram lambs are getting frisky and knew it was time to get the ewe lambs separated. Not too hard a chore, luckily.

Poor Rosie is not happy being separated from the ram lambs. Reminds me of “See You in September” by The Happenings. Well, ok, October.
Ewe lambs, Rosie and Sweet Pea in their new digs away from the boys.


Remember that comment about the turkeys and brain size? We did discover that our turkeys do not look up when it is raining and drown, but, that doesn’t mean they are the smartest livestock on the farm.

We moved the turkeys into the barn hen house. There is a ramp going down into the pen. They can go down, slowly, but won’t go back up to get to their food! We’ve had to put food for them in the pen. They also love to eat the clover and dandelion greens…if fed to them. They haven’t figured out it is the same stuff under their huge feet.

Turkey Condo





This is the new summer camp for the laying hens. Seems they prefer to lay outside here instead of inside. They’ll move back to the barn in late October when the turkeys go to the freezer.

Hen’s summer camp



And last, but not least, the cockerels. We were so glad our friends turned us onto these guys instead of those huge, white, genetic abnormalities we had prior. These are barred silver cockerels and are 7 weeks old. They’ll be butchered for the freezer next week. We will be buying another batch for fall butchering since we had a freezer mishap and lost about 50 lb of whole chicken.

The little boys.



Our garden. We will be harvesting broccoli in a couple more days. We’ve already been eating fresh lettuce  in salads and on sandwiches. The potato plants are huge this year!!!! The tomatoes look excellent, too (not pictured).











Did I say salad?????


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