Visitor in the grass

Here at Pleasant View Farm we practice pasture rotation which includes our poultry as well as the sheep. This is otherwise known as “making sure the Beck-Henges family spends several hours a day outside, rain or shine.”

The current set-up: laying hens are at their summer camp in the revamped playhouse now summer chicken house; the turkeys are in the old chicken roost and outside pen (a later story, remember brain size); the cockerels are in their own pen floating around the back yard; the sheep are moving up and down the hill pasture.

Issues: the hens do not like their new home! Two will lay eggs in the nesting boxes, others are laying them in the weeds in the pen. This means that two of us must walk the pen each evening in an effort to locate the eggs before dark and they end up as another animal’s supper.

Last night, Patty found this little guy while we were looking for eggs.

Just a baby!
Corn Snake or Rat Snake

He’s a corn snake or rat snake, about 2 foot long. We love snakes, no problem but the priority was to get him OUT of the chicken pen before the chickens found him. They love snakes, too, but for different reasons. Taste like chicken??

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