Lambs and escapes

Morning feeding

It has been an interesting last few days. Seems we have some escape artists in our midst. Twice last week, the ram lambs up on the hill flattened a fence area and escaped. The first time, they were up on the hill awaiting morning breakfast, walked right back into the fenced area, and were fine. Sunday morning, we awoke to the sound of  lamb VERY close to our bedroom…they all were in the driveway. Quick thinking, Patty opened the barn door and they all walked right in, followed us back to the pasture and into the fence they went. Thinking back, I heard the coyotes very, very close on both nights. Coincidence?

Next escape artists



This morning, Rosie (darker brown on the left) decided to practice her jumping. She must think its sheep Olympics. Out twice! The first, Patty just walked her back in with some feed, the second, I came out and she had plowed back through the fence. I just went out again to harvest more broccoli, evidence that sheep like broccoli leaves was left behind with a gift of fertilizer.


Beautiful sheep pasture


And for our CSA folks, as you can see the sheep have a wonderful lush pasture in which to grow in. And growing they definitely do well.


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