Homesteaders and ADD

Wow, what a weekend! Have you ever started a project just to get sidelined by something else, which in turn led to another project, which…you get my drift. That is what the entire weekend felt like! Shoot, that is what everyday here feels like! Chores, feeding and watering the animals, turns into a project scoping event.

After getting Kaylin’s projects set up at the Topsham Fairgrounds and judging other projects, we return home to harvest green beans, more cayenne (did I really plant 4 plants??), while Patty continued to mow.

The last few nights, the sheep have continually gotten our of their fence only to come to the driveway and wait for us to lead them back. Unfortunately, their path takes them through the broccoli patch. Luckily, I have 5 gallon bags frozen because we won’t get any more! They have also helped us harvest some of our onions. This leads me to rewire the ewe lamb’s fence and buy another battery to solder to the solar charger to strengthen the zap of the ram lambs fence.

Patty and Kaylin have been pulling in quarts of blackberries off the bushes that will be jam and deserts. Of course, we still have to harvest and can what comes out of the garden. I’ve been working on reducing our freezer load by rendering pounds of leaf fat from our pigs. With friend Wendy’s help, we’ll make soap.

We still need to finish painting Kaylin’s new bedroom. I promised her we would have it done before school. Three weeks now!

And the landlord wonders why the flower bed has weeds…

One thought on “Homesteaders and ADD

  1. I am exhausted just reading about your day! Is the picture of the chicken Kaylin’s “Henny Penny?”
    She is just beautiful – as chickens go. Those sheep of yours are very smart. At least they know how to get your attention.


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