Kaylin's first sheep show

Kaylin prepares Alfie for the show

Kaylin show Alfie at the Topsham Fair on August 8th. She was so excited and Alfie was amazing in the ring.

Sitting in chairs by the blocking stand, we found it interesting what passers by would ask of Kaylin as she made some finishing touches. Most people just wanted to pet Alfie. Others asked if the trimming Kaylin was doing hurt him. Some wanted to know if he was a male or female. There was an education in every answer!

Kaylin showed in showmanship, fitting, and natural color.

Kaylin was the one to be judged in showmanship

In showmanship, Kaylin was able to show off how well she trained Alfie for the ring and how nice he was to handle.

Fitting is how well the animal is prepared for show

In the fitting class, Kaylin is again judged on how well she cleaned and trimmed Alfie for the show. We don’t do a lot of trimming because we want to show off Alfie’s wonderful fleece.

Three blue ribbons!

All in all, not bad for her first show! She received 3 blue ribbons for her work and some wonderful constructive criticism to better herself and Alfie for the next show at Farmington!

2 thoughts on “Kaylin's first sheep show

  1. Once again, Kaylin, You make me so proud! Alfie looks wonderful and you are as lovely as ever.So fantastic to have 3 blue ribbons. I wish I could have been there.


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