Pain in the neck

Brother Augustus, our little devil

I, Robin, have been laid up on the reclining couch now since Tuesday morning. One recommendation about sheep I will always remember is never turn your back on a ram. Why, because I did.

Brother Augustus is our pet sheep. I’ll be honest, he’s about 80 lb and cute as a button. We practically brought him back from the grave over the winter, he was so sick. Now, he is much better, had his first sheering, has gained weight and his horns have doubled or more in size.

Patty, Kaylin and I were moving the sheep to there new pasture spot Sunday night. I was bent over picking up a feed pail and I heard hooves galloping behind me. Knowing that the lambs chase Kaylin when she has food, I ignored it…until I hit the ground. It was Brother. He nailed me with his head and horns behind my leg which buckled and threw me to the ground almost on top of him. He grunted when I landed and I laughed. No harm done! I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t tense and just went down. Then came Monday.

No problems until Monday afternoon and my neck started getting stiff. I took some Tylenol and wrote it off to a poor night’s sleep. The next morning, I couldn’t get out of bed! My neck was spasming so badly that I was in tears. Off to the ER we went. Nothing broken just a strained trapezius muscle. That is the large muscle that holds your head up. Now on muscle relaxers, pain killers, and 2 days of rest, I am much better.

Never, never turn your back on a ram!

One thought on “Pain in the neck

  1. Poor Baby! I hope you are feeling much better. Don’t you wonder what he was thinking about your posterier when he ran towards it? Like, “That’s a good one! Gotta get it! Go!” Sorry, just a little ram butting humor from the ram’s point of view.


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