Decisions, decisions

Fall is upon us whether the calendar says so or not. Getting back in the house this morning after chores I looked at the hillside to our west and noticed a red tint to the leaves. We’ve seen some maples turning red already.

Kaylin did well at Topsham Fair, she got blue ribbons for her sheep showing and blue for her artwork, needle felting, and second for her poster education on fleece processing…too many pictures.

The broiler cockerels all have their feathers and will be put out into the chicken tractor this weekend. It’s amazing how fast they grow! All the pullets, young soon to be hens, have started laying eggs. Some have been so small! Others we find on the floor. Wonder if they couldn’t wait to get into a nesting box! We’ve moved them back to the hen house. The now huge turkeys are in the pen where the chickens were.

We still are feeding the lambs. They be heading out before December to our meat customers. We’ll be getting a feeder calf the end of this week and will finish him on grass till into December. By January, we should be down to our layers, rabbits, and 2 to 4 sheep to winter over.

Got a job! I’m working at the local high school as a library technician. It’s fun. I get to teach research methods and get to know all the kids in the high school. Because of both Patty and I working, we’ll be making some major decisions about what sheep we’ll be keeping very soon.

Keep reading, more pictures soon!

One thought on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Hi guys. We love reading the updates. We really need to visit you guys some time. Sounds like things are going really well.


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