Sheep Shearing

Yes, it’s been a while. Now the election is over, I’ll get back to blogging, I promise!

This past weekend, we sheared sheep. We did 6 at our farm and another 5 at A Wrinkle in Thyme farm. Most of these will head to the butcher in the next 2 weeks but some were just in need!

The “black sheep,” or very dark colored fleece, fades at the tips to a brown, gray, or tan over the summer. Sweat Pea is a black sheep. I’m also checking their eyes (conjunctiva) for color to make sure they aren’t anemic. We’ll trim toes if they need it, too.

Not a happy camper.
Up on the stand for shearing
The head is held in a stanchion to keep the sheep from jumping off the stand.
Sweat Pea
Is she really brown???
Nope! Definitely black! The black or dark brown fleece fades in the sun. We also use this time to check eyes for anemia and trim their toes.

We divide the fleece into good for keep and good for fertilizer.

Not good
Great to use as mulch around bushes.
Good for spinning

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