Eyesore to Greenhouse Project

This eyesore must go!!

This shed was on the side of the house. The landlord wanted it gone. We saw promise!

Homesteaders + Recyclers = Project




The Thanksgiving demo project

We started on Thanksgiving while that huge turkey was cooking. This appears to have been used by previous tenants to hold their goats. The bottom is rotted and we found evidence of fire from the wiring inside.




It was already leaning…

On Friday, after taking down the sides and ends, it started leaning a little more. Some nail release from the upper hill end and down she went! I may have a little repair to do when we move it to the back…




We’ll reconstruct the new greenhouse on the north end of the garden.

That’s one wall moved. We’ll finish up the demolition part Saturday so we can get the trash, ie rotted wood, to the transfer station and put it together Sunday. We’ll need to get greenhouse plastic and stuff for it during the winter, but it’s a start!


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