Thanksgiving on the homestead

Wow, what a Thanksgiving. And to think that just last year, our Thanksgiving meal came from the food pantry! We’ve come a long way, folks.

Our Thanksgiving table this year:

Beck-Henges Thanksgiving Table
Beck-Henges Thanksgiving Table

The turkey we raised ourselves. We loved our turkeys, they were entertaining and extremely moist and delicious!

He’s so big, we had to carve him in the kitchen and take some meat to the table!
Jeez, he takes up the entire fridge!!! 35lb Tom Turkey.

The stuffing was made from bread I baked:

Homemade Stuffing

The pumpkins for the pie we grew in our garden and I made the pie crust (Mom, I admire you more and more! Her pie crusts were awesome!)

Pumpkins for pie

Oh, and accidentally left in the kitchen at picture time were the green beans that we grew.

We bought from the store yams and pecans because they are not grown in our area, cranberries from Ricker Hill (just a couple miles away), and the wine (experiment from South Africa and really good!).

One thought on “Thanksgiving on the homestead

  1. Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table looks lovely and full of delicious food. You have much to be grateful for this year, dear ones.


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