Back to our Bunnies

After the fiasco of the first bunnies we purchased last spring (you can read about it here) we were anxious to remedy the situation. In steps Rocky’s Rabbits. Mark Terry and his wife have raised show and meat rabbits for years. They know what they’re doing! On a wet Saturday after Halloween, we headed to the coast to shop for a couple of does. We found a couple who dearly love their bunnies, know their names, have cage cards on each cage, and, above all, know rabbits. It took at least 30 minutes of looking and going “ahhhhh” over lots of beautiful bunnies. We finally made our choice and welcomed to our homestead Jewell and Luna.


Mark thought Jewell, a California/New Zealand Cross, was pregnant. but no. She is a sweety!






Luna is a New Zealand/Lop Ear cross. She is huge and cuddly. We just bred her last week to Alex. Babies will due just before Christmas.




Of course, we have to give credit to the guys.

Alex (was Alice)
Donner (was Dinah)







Oh, and one is missing. The Mad Hatter now resides in the freezer awaiting the  construction of my smoker. He was just a bit to nervous for us.


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