Herd Mentality

When we moved onto the farm, the lower level of the barn was a wreck. It was full of…well…crap. A year later and most of the compost, the rotted wood, and lots of junk have made their way to their appropriate places. Finally, this weekend, we had a chance to work on finishing the barn basement.
We build two large stalls, installed water and food buckets on hooks, fenced off the equipment storage area, and cleaned some more. Late Sunday afternoon, just before nightfall (yeah, that’s 3:30pm here) we moved our winter flock of Alfie, Brother Augustus, and Rosie the sheep into their stall and Buddy the calf into his. We had installed the rabbit cages on Friday and the four bunnies are comfy in the basement.

Patty and I commenced to moving the pasture fence to its winter station closer to the barn so the livestock can at least have days outside when we heard a crash. We just looked at each not wanting to know what the noise was and continued laying out our electric net fence. Then we heard Kaylin yell at us.

“Buddy is in with the sheep!” Sure enough, Buddy must have jumped the 4 foot tall wooden stall wall and was in with the sheep. I looked him over for injuries and he was fine. I guess Buddy and the sheep are officially a herd, never to be separated. I do wonder if Buddy thinks they’re calves or if the sheep think that Buddy is just a big sheep!

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