Life and Death on a Farm

We are all pretty upset today. The beautiful white ram lamb that we nursed back to health is headed for the butcher. Brother Augustus followed us around, right into the house. He gave us a beautiful bag of fleece this past spring. Augie, as we called him, had a personality change. His hormones took over his sweetness. This summer, he rammed me so hard I had to go the ER. He’s put some huge bruises on both Patty and I and he rammed a little boy in the back knocking him down. Augie insisted on trying to mount anything he could including our calf, Buddy. He gave Alfie a headache and poor Rosie was hiding in corners to get away from him. We just can’t have that on a farm. We’ll keep his pelt to remember his warmth.

On another note, we bred Luna the white rabbit a month ago. It will be her first litter and she is due any time now…we hope! No sign yet. We bred the other rabbit, Jewel yesterday. Keep your fingers crossed for baby bunny pictures soon!

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