Baby bunnies

As promised, we have pictures of the babies. I swore yesterday I felt 5 little ones but only pulled out 3 today. One will be solid like mommy, the others mottled like Alex.

Handful of babies
Handful of babies
No fur!
Three very wiggly bunnies!

Now is the issue of the weather. All our rabbits are inside so they are protected from the wind, rain, and snow but the bottom is supposed to drop out tonight temperature wise. By Tuesday night, we’ll be -9. Off to the farm store we go to get 2 more ceramic water crocks. We’ve added more hay insulation under the babies in their nesting box. We’ll hit Goodwill and pick up some of those mug warmers that people get for the holidays and never use and put the water crocks on so they have a constant supply of warm water.

Now I have to make another nesting box! Luna is due Wednesday!!!

One thought on “Baby bunnies

  1. You were once a maternity and delivery nurse with ideas of being a midwife. Are you into “Bunny midwifrey” now? Keep those babies warm!


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