Busy weekend

I love it! We drove to our 4-H meeting yesterday around 5pm and the sun was still out!!! There are a lot of fishing shacks on Sabattus Lake…

Today, in our house, we are declaring spring! We will be cleaning (ok, it just needs cleaning), breeding Luna and Jewel to Alex and Donner Rabbit, finally tapping our own maple trees, and starting our onion seeds inside!!!!

On a completely different subject, it is a really small world. I was talking with my co-leader Cathy last evening about community service projects the kids can do with some money that will be donated to our 4-H group. I suggested working with community gardens like Lots to Gardens in Lewiston. Cathy thought that was a wonderful idea! She knows the director, Denise Dill. Ok, Cathy, is Denise kind of short? Does she sing? Yes! Cathy says, and Denise is from Indiana! Oh, yes, we know Denise!!! She sang several times in our resource center in Mishawaka!!! I can’t wait to see her. Talk about a small world.

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