Keeping busy

Hi Friends,

Patty here – everything has just been so busy around the farm and Robin is doing her usual 2,000 projects at once. I just wanted to drop in to say hi to everyone and give you a quick run down on all that has been going on this summer. We have already had two batches of broiler chickens come and go, so the freezer is nice and full, and we just had another litter of rabbits from Jewell. We decided to keep another doe from the last batch so Frosty joins our other three does and along with our two bucks our little rabbit hutch is going very well.

One of my projects I have been trying to do is the garden. I wanted to go “no-till” this year and getting all of the mulch / compost down has been a real challenge. But not as much of a problem as keeping the groundhogs out. It is very depressing to come out and see all of your hard work destroyed over night. I do hope to post a few blogs on my garden woes at a later date.

One thing we promised our daughter when we moved in was to renovate her room for her. You can imagine with an old farm house her bedroom needed a lot of help. She has been a real champ in understanding when the work got put low on the have to do list. But as it happens she is away at camp and we are trying hard to get it finished for her before she comes home. Our daughter is very much her own individual and her color of choice is Aqua Quartz. As you can see we had to completely246 strip her walls and the color is very different.  Most likely, once she hangs all of her posters we will not be able to see the walls anyway.


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