It’s been a year?! Geez, time flies when you’re having fun! Well, our fun has changed, somewhat. Let’s catch you up.

Robin: I started working at the local elementary school last August tutoring in the Title 1 program. I love math and I was fortunate that I worked with an awesome math teacher. We had a terrible winter. It started mild but by February, we were out 6 cord of wood and onto our second tank of oil. It was colder than on the Indiana prairies! We lost a half-dozen chickens due to the cold. We also lost one ram and our ewe also got sick. We were worried we’ lose her, too. They got into a batch of rotten apples in the barn. Come February, I knew I needed a more stable job, especially through the summer. I took a job in Belfast at a healthcare software program doing client support. They’d get lost, they’d call, we’d straighten it out and so on. That went well job wise, but the 140 mile round trip and the 14 hours a day away from home was just too much for my family. So, yesterday, after blowing up my car, I resigned. Two cars, one was wrecked over the winter, exhaustion, and my family ruled out. So, I’m applying back at the school to see what I can do.

Kaylin: Officially now a sophomore! It’s hard to believe that in the fall, she can get her driving permit. She is an unbelievable artist and won an art award this year in school.

Patty: Still at the bookstore and loving it! She is a voracious reader and, despite the time in the garden, she still makes time to read. She has the garden looking great. I hope to be harvesting broccoli in the next couple weeks.

We are officially organizing the farm and growing our sheep flock. We’ve added 2 new ewes and hope that our new lamb will be a foundation ram for us. He’s adorable! We’ll be selling lamb, raw wool, and rabbit meat from here on out. We’re getting more of the farm cleaned up and are the midst of replacing the field fence to keep our flock safe.

Lots of changes, for the good. I promise the next post will have pictures!

2 thoughts on “Spring…finally

  1. I love reading the posts! Crappy winter for everyone but you guys got hit hard. I might travel up this summer with my sisters and niece again to see the farm. Bye Anne


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