So, if you are a regular blogger, how do you do it?! I can never seem to find enough time to sit and type. UHG! Ideas are always welcome. :)

So, some updates from here on the farm. It was very painful summer in that we lost our lamb Oliver. He fought and fought but died in my arms.

We up to 10 sheep.
We welcomed to full bred Romney ram lambs to our flock this fall.

Frodo and Chupa join the flock.
Frodo and Chupa join the flock.

The taller one will be our new foundation ram. His name is Frodo.

Before breeding in October, we hope to get two more yearling ewes in order to have enough lamb for our market next year.

The garden has been very generous this year. We brought in 3 wheelbarrow full of potatoes yesterday and I’ve processed a couple of cases of tomato sauce so far along with hot peppers, peas, green beans, collard greens and broccoli. We’re trying to put the garden to bed for the winter so this week will be full of processing.

I’m still running for county commissioner up here. The campaign is slow as I haven’t had regular transportation to get things done. Hopefully this week, we’ll get the last repairs done on the SUV and I can start to beat the streets.

I must get on to processing green beans and doing laundry. I’ll write more later today about our fun weekend!


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