Technological Musings

I feel as if I am regressing technologically. There are reasons for this.

1. Cell phones – We live in rural Maine on the side of a really big hill. Living in the foothills of the Western Maine Mountains makes reception extremely difficult.

2. My MacBook laptop hard drive crashed. Not a good thing in the middle of an election campaign.

3. The family iMac desktop is 8 years old and a wee bit slow!

4. Patty’s laptop which I am on now has had major repairs but is dying a slow death.

5. Cable and satellite TV has nothing for us. We have little time to watch and refuse to pay the exorbitant prices.

6. What we all know, Time Warner Cable is way overpriced and the customer support is just not there. We’ll switch to FairPoint as soon as we can.

I am getting rid of my smart phone because I don’t find it very smart when I can’t access my information. I’ll get a flip phone to use. I’m heading back to paper because I can find it when I need it. I’m in the process of printing my recipes and contacts from the computer to save in a binder. Isn’t it odd? Patty told me this morning that if I lived in the city, I would still depend on the computer. She’s probably right. In the city, internet is fast, repairs are close by and cell phone reception is not a problem. But isn’t this why we moved to the country? So we can slow down?

I find myself searching for Aladdin Oil Lamps when I am on line. For old fashioned, non-electric kitchen and wood working tools. Patty and I have been discussing our future building plans. The new house will be totally off grid. This won’t happen for a few years, of course. Kaylin has to have her computer for homework.

We’ll still keep on an online presence. In fact, I am enlarging this website so we can take lamb and rabbit orders online. We’ll keep cell phones, just not smart phones. We’ll have the internet and a land line to keep in touch with everyone else. We are just going to slow down a bit more.

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