Looking forward

It’s funny. We are in the midst of getting our meat animals off to their final destination and at the same time, planning for next years animals. We originally wanted to raise our own meat and vegetables and the sheep were Kaylin’s projects. We then discovered that people liked and wanted the product we had and that it helped us pay for our own food. Great deal! And I am enjoying this more and more!

Now that we have rebuilt the fencing in the pasture. Life has gotten easier. We are now  increasing our sheep herd so we have more meat to sell and our breed crosses produce beautiful fleece that we sell for yarn and home spinning.

Since we have fences, we are now looking at pasture raising meat birds next summer. Patty and I have decided on Buckeyes. These birds were developed in Warren, Ohio by Ms Nettie Metcalf in the late 1800’s. Since Patty and I both are originally from Ohio and we love to support work by women, Buckeyes were the natural fit for our homestead!

Our rabbits will be moving outside next spring. I’ll be building rabbit tractors for each of our breeders and large ones for the weaned bunnies. They’ll be moved daily around our garden aisles between our raised vegetable beds. We plan on seeding those areas with clover and sweat pea.

Pasture raised….everything! Our lambs, sheep, rabbits, meat chickens and laying hens. How is that for sustainable, humane and natural?

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