The beauty of….0 or 71 days till Spring!

It is absolutely beautiful outside! The sun is bright (which is coming up earlier and leaving later everyday), the dog and cats have found wonderful sun spots in the house to bask in, and I am stocking the wood burning furnace every few hours. Why? Well, its a balmy 0 degrees outside right now.

The sheep are fine in the barn as well are the bunnies. I’m surprised how warm they make the barn basement. Barbara, sheep, has a coat on as she looked a bit more chilled than the others that were sheared 2 weeks ago. She’s happy now. The fun is trying to keep the rabbit water bottles flowing. We go out about 4 times a day to thaw them out.

Yeah, going outside, at -14 degrees this morning…Picture in your mind those times when you bundled up your child, layer upon layer, so he or she could go out and play in the snow. Got that memory? Now, try to do that to yourself. I think the sheep laugh at me when I waddle into the barn in my long underwear under jeans and sweatshirt, under quilted coveralls with furry bomber hat and oversized gloves. Just roll me out to the barn, Patty, I’ll be fine!

One thought on “The beauty of….0 or 71 days till Spring!

  1. Oh, Robin, the picture that brings to my mind! You could be a ginormous snowball if Patty started rolling you out from your back door. Also, I remember getting you all bundled up and then hearing you say,”I have to go to the bathroom,” back in your toddler/preschool days. Aaiee!!!

    Just keep warm!!! We are expecting more snow and are below zero, too, here in OH.


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