Those oops in the kitchen…55 Days till Spring

You know you’ve done it. Something didn’t get added or something else got cooked too long or not long enough. This happened at Christmas. I made a batch of triple berry jam to give away for presents (we make all our presents here on the farm). Well, as our family found out the jam never set. We now had a gallon of triple berry syrup.

I sent out the presents and warned the family but suggested using the syrup on pancakes or ice cream. I put mine in the freeze as I didn’t want to waste anymore Ball jars

A couple weeks later and I have thawed a pork roast. I am also enjoying a present my Mom got me, a 6 quart slow cooker. Mmmmm….slow cook the roast….in…THE SYRUP! All I can say is it was the most tasty, most tender pork roast I have ever cooked. Try it sometime!!

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