Lamb Rearing (5 Days till Spring)

You know it will happen eventually but you never want it to. One of the ewes has rejected her twin lamb. The poor little boy was bigger at birth than the girl but throughout the day, we noticed that Bellamina would not let him nurse. We held her to make her nurse him. She fed the little girl without hesitation. A call to our mentors suggested checking if had any teeth that would hurt Bell’s udder. Nope. Bell has now resorted to ramming the poor little guy around the jug. Last night, at just 2 days of age, we made the decision to go to Tractor Supply. We reweighed the lambs and the little girl had gained over a pound where he gained not half a pound. I felt comfortable, since he was clean when we found him, that he had a good day of colostrum and we bought some lamb formula. Feeding every few hours to get some weight on him now. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed he makes it!

Olaf, our little bottle baby.
Olaf, our little bottle baby.

Now, for a little more cute overload, the little boys who arrived just before the white twins have found a nice hiding space to sleep.

Under the manger.
Under the manger.

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