Presents from now and then

Merry Christmas! I hope that you, your friends and family are having  a joyous and peace-filled day.

We celebrated around the homestead. Kaylin got a bunch of artsy and cute stuff. She is now holed up in her room with her new art marker set.


Patty’s dream came true with a new workout setup. We sold our old one when moved to Maine. Maybe we’ll be in better shape before we come home in February for a visit!


As far as my Christmas, it was a bit more old-timey. I brought my spinning wheel home last week. That coupled with a shepherd’s crook and a book on blacksmithing, I’m in good shape.

IMG_2093Keeping with tradition, we made our gifts to our family members and Kaylin made me and Patty new necklaces. Aunt Janet returned the sentiment with a beautiful piece of art from a local North Carolina artist and Grandma/Mom wants to make sure we sleep well with new pajamas.

Peace be with all of you!

One thought on “Presents from now and then

  1. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a happy new year. Lets see some yarn from that beautiful wheel….. Wonder if you know how to move our web site from dream weaver to word press? Check in when you can. Love you all. Marty and Mary Ann


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