Need Rain!

Wow, is it dry. I went to our local hay guy to put half down on the 200 bales of hay we’ll need this winter and he was afraid to take my money. We are in the midst of a pretty bad drought here in Maine. I try to do everything possible to keep our lamb meat prices down for our customers but a drought sure doesn’t help. Last year, we bought hay from the farmer who hays the fields in front of our house. He hays really late and the nutrition value was poor to say the least. Poor hay means lots of grain. We’re going with better hay this year, hopefully less grain and better health for our sheep. But, as you can see, our pasture is really dry!


But as the seasons change, so do our grazing areas. Its getting close to breeding season (September for us) and we have separated the sheep.

The two new Columbia ewe lambs will be shown at Topsham Fair in about 10 days. So they get their own space so we can get them cleaned up and ready to show.


The ram lambs and big daddy Frodo get their own pen, too. You can barely see a fuzzy butt or two in the shade of the trees.IMG_2362

The ewes and Phantom, Kaylin’s wether, are up above the farm pond which has grown back since the last time we had them up there. This way, nothing will be UNexpected! An extra plus is that the lambs are mowing our back yard so I don’t have to mow.

We pray for rain and today would be really good.

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