79 Days till Spring: Kitchen Heaven

Oh, I do love a kitchen kind of Christmas! My Mom got me a 6 qt programmable slow cooker. Patty got me a masala daba for my spices, new wooden salt and pepper grinders and a hand crank coffee grinder. I am set!

In celebration of this lovely gifting, I prepared an Indian dish called minced lamb with peas. I’ll post the recipe in the recipe section of the blog. I used ground lamb and only made half the recipe but, oh my, it was so good! Not too hot on the fire scale and with rice it was a stick to your ribs on a cold night kinda meal. I fixed it in the slow cooker!

A birthday present this past November was the book The Indian Slow Cooker by Indian Slow CookerAnupy Singla. If you like your slow cooker and love your house smelling oh so nice, you need this book!

Have a wonderful new year everyone!

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