82 Days till Spring

We are just giddy. Not only did we get 1 Johnny’s Seed Catalog but 2. Hers and Hers catalogs!!

IMG_1489We have begun our dream lists. Mine, pie pumpkins for the piggies in the fall, alfalfa seed for the pasture raised rabbits. I am questioning pickling cukes as I have 2 cases of pickles still in the larder; sauce tomatoes (Patty is checking her seed saving effort on those), possibly brussel sprouts, not quite as many potatoes but we may sell some and LETTUCE as soon as we can!

Patty is thinking about organic carrots, bell peppers and hot peppers. Since we’ll be growing in raised beds this year, we’ll be able to better adapt the soil to the plant. Her garlic has already been planted as is the asparagus.

Kaylin wants peas and green beans, her staples.

Oh, and wifey? How bout many, many more onions. We’re out already.

Dreams in green, reds and oranges. Ah, winter planning.

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