A Quiet Evening

The kids just left. I say kids but our daughter is now 20 and in her junior year of college. They are headed to visit friends and her boyfriend’s family in Connecticut. I’ll miss her terribly but will visit in about 2 weeks when we go down to get more straw.

The sun is setting a little later each day and rising just a bit earlier. I like this time of year, time of rebirth heading into a time of birth. Patty has been looking through the Baker Heirloom and Johnny’s seed catalogs. We’ll start seeds in February this year. We always started in March but that seems too late to get the tomatoes and peppers big enough to transplant. March will also be shearing and lambing; birth in a big way. I’m hoping for 10 to 12 lambs this year.

As the flock grows, the business grows, too. With help from a business counselor, I’m rebuilding the farm business plan and exploring my possible niche market. A friend of mine is a wonderful seamstress and is helping me with my 1700’s clothing as I research what I can make and sell at Revolutionary War period reenactments. I’m going to start working on Patty’s leather pants so she can dress up, too.

For now, I sit in the fading light. Patty is on her way home from work and the house is quiet. I guess I should go feed the livestock.

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