A Quiet Evening

The kids just left. I say kids but our daughter is now 20 and in her junior year of college. They are headed to visit friends and her boyfriend’s family in Connecticut. I’ll miss her terribly but will visit in about 2 weeks when we go down to get more straw. The sun is setting … More A Quiet Evening

Merry Christmas

It’s a strange Christmas morning here. Patty left for work at 6am. It’s now 9:30am, I’ve had breakfast as well as everyone in the barn. Kaylin is home with her long time boyfriend Josh and they are still in bed. It’s very quiet for a Christmas morning. It seems like yesterday when Kaylin would be … More Merry Christmas


Oh, boy. Getting this perimeter fence done is a lot harder than I thought. The weather has not been cooperating with my schedule! Ok, it’s not snowing, I do like that. Anyway, Stan, my magical farm hand, and I have been working as hard as we can to get this fence up. Between scrub growth … More Fencing…still

Oh, those sheep

Tuesday, I was getting ready to leave for farmers market and noticed a sheep laying on its side in the pasture. Not good! I ran into the pasture to find our Phantom on his side looking up at me, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Phantom is our daughter’s pet sheep. He’s 8 years, … More Oh, those sheep

Market Day

It’s October and it’s chilly but the truck is packed and I’m ready to head out to the Farmers’ Market at Mill Park. It’s funny, most folks think the market is done; no more veg or fruit but NO! There is an amazing amount of veg and apples available this time of year. Thanks to … More Market Day

Fleeced, as usual

I updated the website! If you go to our fleece page, you will see that I have been busy posting fleece for sale! It’s raw fleece and for those of you who are not sheep types, that means it’s straight off the sheep, picked over but not washed. Over in Ireland, they spin and knit … More Fleeced, as usual

Need Rain!

Wow, is it dry. I went to our local hay guy to put half down on the 200 bales of hay we’ll need this winter and he was afraid to take my money. We are in the midst of a pretty bad drought here in Maine. I try to do everything possible to keep our … More Need Rain!


Happy early Spring! We were blessed last week with our first lambs of the season. Not one pair but two in the same night! Let us introduce Fred, George, Harry, and Ron. Can you guess this years naming theme? Harry and Ron had inverted eyelids but with a little hardware, that problem was resolved within … More Lambs!

Change is Good!

It’s the end of January and it’s warm…by January standards at least. I was out this morning feeding the calf and checking out the barn. Looking around at the empty rabbit cages and our little flock of laying Buckeyes upstairs I realized how much more relaxed we all are. Taking stock, we have 4 very … More Change is Good!