Lamb Fries?

I got a call a couple a couple months back from a man on the coast. He was wondering if I had any Lamb Fries. I gotta admit, I needed clarification. When he told me what they were, I said, "Oh! Rocky Mountain Oysters!" Yes, or Montanagroins or just, testicles. 

So, I was quite pleased when I got the boxes of lamb meat back from my butcher when I found these not so little "purses" individually wrapped! Have I heard back from the coast? No. So, they are up for sale to you!

I have 4, who'da thunk, available. At $4/ pound it's a steal compared to other farms. I even found a great recipe for them, fried of course, which I'll share in a link below. I also hear they are great smoked if you have a smoker. 

Giggling aside, this recipe looks like a winner!


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