Covid-19 and getting meat

Early morning and the sun is coming up...though a bit cloudy. We’ve been told that today may be the last farmers market at 70 State St in Augusta. Due to this and people unable to leave their homes, I’m working on a strategy to deliver my products to you.

I hope by tomorrow, Wednesday, to get a handle on how much meat I have to sell and get it listed in the store. I also need to figure out a delivery charge. It won’t be much, but I have to be able to buy gas. Lord knows, I’ll have time, all my events have been cancelled!

Unknown to many is that I have crippling arthritis in my hands. I am limited in the time that I can drive. That said, here is a list of towns I will be able to get to for delivery:

Wilton ME
Wayne ME
Mount Vernon ME
North Turner ME
Chesterville ME
North Jay, ME
Livermore ME
East Livermore ME
East Dixfield ME
Kents Hill ME
Livermore Falls ME
Canton ME
Dryden ME
Jay ME
East Wilton ME

If I can find a beef and pork producer to team up with, all the better, I’ll be looking. Dairy would be nice, too. I just have to keep my driving in mind.

We’ll be here for you. You are our friends, family, and dearest supporters. Let’s all stay well and at peace.

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