Day 3 of the Twelve Days of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: three boy lambs!
It took forever to get the three of them together! This is Barnaby, Bennie, and Barnie. I just moved them in to the same space with their moms for play time. Bennie is being bottle fed as Mollie just doesn't want to feed him! 
Bennie at 4 days old
The vet was out last week and said all the ewes, 5 more, are due in the next 3 weeks. Crazy! Our sheep usually cycle in the fall when the weather starts to get cool, similar to deer. July's temperatures were so crazy it threw them into cycle. I guess we can chalk another one up to climate change.
Barnaby at 1 week of age
If you drive by and are wondering where everyone is, they're in the barn. All locked up and toasty warm in their straw pen. The snow is so hard and icy, I'm afraid someone is going to break a leg. Hopefully, the end of week warm up will help and we can get them outside for a bit. In the meantime, give me a call or send me message if you'd like to visit them!

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