Day 4 of the Twelve Days of Christmas

Liam - "But I want out!"
On The Fourth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: My 4 footed best friend.
I don't know who Liam was in a life before, but I'm pretty sure he was a really nice guy. We got Liam a year and half ago from another shepherd. In the house or in the barn, he has my back. He is our livestock guardian dog. He protects our flock of sheep and chickens from predators with 4 feet, 2 feet, or 2 wings. He took out a fox this past summer that was stealing our hens. He chases eagles and hawks in the sky. I've never seen him attack a human but I would never take that chance. He guards the barn and house.
Liam, the ear cleaner
The sheep are pretty happy with him, too. He makes a great ear cleaner. He can play rough at times and I find fleece around. He doesn't seem to understand that fleece is money! Liam is also doing great with the lambs this year.
If you see him out on his perch on the ramp, please don't stop and yell or talk to him. First off, you're going to cause an accident. Secondly, he is doing his job. He is not a pet but a working dog and needs to keep working. Also, never walk up to the fence and attempt to pet him. I will not be liable if you lose your hand or arm because of being stupid. Please understand, this goes for ANY livestock guardian dog.

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