It's Lambing Time!

It has been a busy couple weeks here at Rockin' Sheep Farm. It all started mid December when we were surprised to see Anya had two baby boys! Chris and Chase are doing great and are now about 50lb each. 

Then, right on time, they started coming. Layla had a boy and a girl, Charles and Catherine. These are 3/4 Lincoln Longwool and cute as a button! After that, Baby had Caroline, a purebred Columbia ewe lamb we'll be keeping! Last, so far, was Lily with another purebred, Chloe. Another keeper!

Unfortunately, we lost one of our foundation ewes, Molly. I don't have pictures because it was awful. We tried hard to save her twin lambs but it was too late. 

Bailey and Clementi are next up to deliver. I'll let you know as soon as that happens!


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