Just a Day on the Farm

I love Winston! He's a phenomenal Lincoln Longwool ram. Winston is really laid back but his is the season his personality changes. On October 22nd, I separated all the ewes and put them in pastures with their soon to be mates, Winston and Hank. Anya is still too young so she gets to hang out with Liam in the barn paddock. Well, on October 25th, I went out to change Hanks marking harness and was carrying it back through the paddock that Winston was in. Big mistake! Next thing I knew, I was on the ground getting a rammed a second time. I was so dumb for trusting a ram at this time of year! There is only one thing on their minds!

Let's just say the past several days have been a bit ouchy. I have pulled muscles and a few broken ribs in my back. I've been grateful for Patty helping out with the chores and putting Lidocaine patches on my back. I have been able to do some more each day but I'm still healing. Thus, the store has not been open.

Now that November is here, well, tomorrow, I'll be opening the store more during the week. Please keep an eye on the events page as I'm trying to get in some last minute craft shows on Saturdays.

Regular hours at the Rockin' Sheep Farm store will be Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm as long as I'm not doing a craft show.

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