Lambs in the House!

It happens sometimes. Ewes, especially new moms, will reject their lambs. Bailey did it again. She had triplets and rejected 2 of them. Last year, I tried to force her to accept her lamb putting Bailey in a stanchion so she would hold still and let the lamb nurse. She broke out and killed the lamb. I decided not to chance it this year and brought these two in. Unfortunately, this will be Bailey's last lambing.

Now we have Aiden and Anya in the house! Their brother Aengus is still out with Bailey. Yes, you will diapers on them. They are bottle fed and changed every few hours and sleep in a crate at night. They are now spending more time outside learning to be lambs with the others and their brother. I still have to go out and bottle feed them every few hours. They will be a week old Tuesday!

This has been good training for Liam, too. He is still too rough with the little outside lambs when he wants to play and I can control him and teach him with these lambs inside. 

With the store opening back up Tuesday, you'll have a chance to drop by and see all the lambs. Please do!

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