Liam the Babysitter

Liam the Babysitter

Liam. The big white fur ball you will usually see laying on the ramp to the barn where he can see just about anything. He is our Livestock Guardian Dog and does his job very well! He scares off birds of prey, foxes, coyotes, and people. He makes sure if you drive by, you keep going. Now we can add babysitter to the role!

Since having Aiden and Anya in the house for 2 weeks, Liam and lambs have become pretty attached. He keeps them clean and safe and they run with him and sleep up against him. It's so cute!

Some of you know we have had problems with Liam wanting to play with the young lambs. He thinks they'll play with him like Cassie the golden retriever does. Unfortunately, he got to rough with the lambs. It appears that having him in with the lambs has calmed that! No, I still don't trust him completely but he is doing so much better. 

Be sure and catch a glance at the mighty babysitter when you come by. Just remember, the fence is electrified so don't touch, and Liam is a guard dog, please do not call to him or try to pet him or the sheep. He's just doing his job.

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