Rain Rain Go Away!

The poor sheep! The poor barn! Poor us! This weather is crazy! The sheep are all soaked and so is the barn. Liam spends most of the day in the barn staring out the door. I could probably wring out Winston. Gotta admit, though, the pasture is lush and the sheep have never been this healthy. Their weights are great! 

Some very wet lambs

These are some of the lambs. They do get a bit spoiled. They have the barn to be in when they want. The ewes and rams are in separate pastures out in the open.

Anya wants back in the barn

Anya, our bottle lamb from 2 years ago, thinks she is still a lamb and wants in the barn with the rest and her boyfriend, Liam. Sorry, sweetheart, this is the fall you get to meet Hank, the ram! 

We'll make it through as long as the hay can come in!


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