September 8, 2022

Happy Birthday to our daughter!! I can't believe she's in her 20's! I'm feeling a bit old today.

We went camping with some dear friends this past weekend up at Mt. Blue State Park. I didn't post anything online because of the issue last time we went camping. More on that tomorrow. Sorry if you came over and we were closed. Took some beautiful pictures on the way back to the farm early in the morning to do chores.

I am headed into meetings 3 and 4 this week with a list of things to do a mile long. I'm spending way too much time on the computer when I should be making stuff for next week's craft sale. We're in the midst of selling a property that belongs to my church. Guess who's point person?!

I'm trying to get a cash projections project done so I can get financing for a tractor, trailer, and other needed stuff. I applied for a grant but was turned down. It's kinda hard to farm livestock without a trailer!

I'm making the dish soap today, fingers crossed. Have to get grain and couple items from the store. Need to head to the church and pick up the last of metal recycling to clean up. Phew!

I'm collecting black walnuts off the ground for the next dye bath for the yarn. Fingers crossed for a nice dark brown! We'll be dyeing goldenrod yellow Friday.

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