The Importance of Family

So, last week when we were headed out to see my cousins, my aunt fell. You wouldn’t think that’s a big deal but she lives by herself in North Carolina. Lots and lots of phone calls between here and there (and yes, my southern accent has come back!). Now, we need to head down to get some paperwork straightened out and see if we can get her up here before the snow flies.

We have a farm sitter so the farm and animals won’t be alone but I hate to bother him with the store. With that, the store will be closed till September 1st. 

I will be at Oquossic Days on Saturday August 21st, in Rangley and at Fort Halifax in Winslow on August 28th. Stop in a see me if you’re in the area. Both are going to wonderful events.

In the meantime, the fridge is in the barn loaded with eggs. $5 a dozen on the honor system.

Good vibes, positive energy and/or prayers are welcome. This is going to be a big change in our lives.

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