A Gun Show?

So, we do this show every year and I will admit, you have to see it to believe it. The show is the Ancient Ones of Maine Gun and Outdoor Living Show. This year, it will be Saturday February 25 from 9am to 5pm and Sunday Feb 26 from 9am to 3pm and admission fee is $7. Location is the Augusta Armory.

What are we doing at a gun show? Well, this will be the oddest gun show you have or haven't ever been to. If you are sensitive to guns being carried around, even though they aren't loaded, don't come. There are sales persons selling everything from machine guns to black powder flint locks; a bakery and the best beef jerky in the world; flea market stuff to antiques; artisans and possibly lab puppies. Then there is me and Patty. 

We will be there, hopefully in our spot on the stage, with all the wares that I make and sell! Patty will have over 50 different history books for sale, too. Yarn, natural and naturally dyed along with roving, candles, soaps, sheep and lamb pelts, forged items, and beeswax wraps. Plus, we'll both be in our 1750's clothing.

All the streets should be cleared in plenty of time so come on by enjoy and eclectic shopping experience.

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