It's all about the color

I have been have a blast dyeing wool! I'm using all natural dyes, some from plants, another from bugs, to dye the Columbia DK/lt worsted weight yarn and Columbia roving. It is too much fun!

The pretty yellow is from the Osage Orange tree. It's a southern US tree that produces big green knobby fruit that only animals can eat. The yellow if from the sawdust of tree.


The reds and pink is from the Cochineal bug. Yes, bugs! They are from South America and live on cactus. They arrived dried and had a silver look to them. I ground them in my spice grinder and it looked like rust. Oh! What beautiful reds!

I don't have pictures of the indigo being process. I have to admit, that one made me the most nervous but I love it! I only have that in a nice indigo blue like jeans that aren't prewashed. I'll be playing with it more in the next 2 weeks and try to get lighter shades of blue.

I'll be making some more dyes soon. I want to work with madder root which is the red that would have been done up here in New England. I'll do more Golden Rod when it's in season, too. I need to find a natural product to make greens.

Anyway, these are all in stock in the store but I am only doing small batches so get them while you can!


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