September 9, 2022 Natural Dyes

It was such an awesome day! Meghan came over and helped me pick goldenrod flowers. Then, we steeped them in water and dyed some yarn and roving! I gotta admit, I was nervous. Talk about an all day affair! I didn't get the yarn out on the line all rinsed out till 4pm! But it is beautiful! It really lightened up as it dried. Something else, and I don't know why it hit me this way, but the smell of the goldenrod cooking in the summer kitchen was beautiful. Very perfumey and fragrant. The yarn will be ready Saturday for sale in the farm store and next Saturday, I'll have it and hopefully some brown yarn at Oquossoc Fall Festival.

Next up, black walnuts! I'm trying to dye the yarn seasonally. We'll see how that works. I'm looking for something that will dye a nice mossy green. I'll have to order some natural indigo, though. This is fun!

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